The secrets of healthy and youthful skin

Hi! My name is Victorya and I'm a fashion model. People frequently ask me for the secrets behind my healthy and youthful look. I'll open two secrets for you today: healthy lifestyle and healthy makeup.
You've probably heard a lot about the importance of healthy lifestyle. But healthy makeup? What does it even mean? Let me tell you my story....
Makeup is used extensively in Fashion. Some days I had three or four makeup sessions. I wasn't giving it much thought initially, but then I started wondering if makeup is harmless for my skin. It contains a bunch of colorants, pigment enhancers, waxes, consistency stabilizers, absorption boosters, etc. Its chemical reactions affect the most fragile skin surfaces. And when used as often as it was used on me, makeup can damage upper skin layers and reduce the quality of epithelium.
I felt that the key was to use makeup that protects and nourishes skin. I wanted to use cosmetics that cares for and naturally energizes epidermis by being a breathing shield from harmful attacks of everyday life.
I've tried several Natural Makeup brands, but was not satisfied. They merely infuse regular makeup with natural oils, vitamins and minerals. But that doesn’t eliminate harmful actions of nitrides, dioxides, ethanols, heavy metals, tar and other chemicals that are still contained in Natural Makeup. Instead, I felt that each component should safely exhale organic ambiance on the skin.
After extensive research, I've partnered with an Organic Makeup manufacturer and created my line of Organically Sexy makeup that doesn't contain any of the potentially harmful ingredients

We are proud to offer only highest quality Natural and Organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO formulations and great performance on skin.
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