Our Story

As a model, I started being photographed at the age of 15 at my friend’s photography course. They asked me to be a model while learning to use lights and cameras’ configurations in studio and outdoors. I used very simple makeup, but my face looked differently at different locations and when taken by different photographers.

Later on, when I started modeling full time, fashion professionals taught me how to create a certain mood before lights are set and camera is pointed at you. Makeup enhances shapes, plays with lights, flirts with proportions. Makeup makes you look dreamy or focused, sad or determined, clean or dirty.

Makeup is an essential tool in Fashion and I see how my improving skills in it are helping me to create the moods and feelings that I want  to express and pass on to people I meet casually. “You look fresh.” “You look rested.” “You look mysterious.””You look playful.” “You look dramatic.”... You get your face covered and made up for a certain story every time.

But my best friends kept asking if makeup is harmless for my skin. It contains a bunch of colorants,  pigment enhancers, waxes, consistency stabilizers, absorption boosters, etc. Its chemical reactions may affect and damage the most fragile skin surfaces of the body. As a model, you don’t have a choice of makeup products being used on you. Professional cosmetics have strong qualities, but are made of aggressive synthetic ingredients that are not  gentle with the canvas they are being painted on. And when used as often as it was used on me (sometimes three, four times a day), it can significantly damage upper layers of the skin and reduce the quality of epithelium. Back then I didn’t know how to avoid that damage.

But subconsciously I felt that the key is to make the makeup work for protection and nourishment of the skin while it is being applied. My dream  was to make cosmetics that cares for and naturally energizes epidermis by being a caring and breathing shield from harmful attacks of everyday life. Merely infusing regular cosmetics with natural oils, butters, vitamins and minerals doesn’t eliminate pernicious actions of nitrides, dioxides, ethanols, méthyle, propanols, heavy metals, benzyl, tar and so many other synthetic chemicals  used in cosmetics production. Instead, I felt that each component should safely exhale organical ambiance on our skin.

Being attractive is what Nature meant for us. So it inspired researchers to find ways of producing beautifying products as natural and effective as they can be. Joint efforts of cosmetologists, chemists, botanists, pharmacists and aromatherapists after thoughtful and highly innovative research and tests led to creation of Natural makeup that is made of Certified Organic components and natural ingredients.

And so our line of Organically Sexy cosmetics was born! We are proud to offer only highest quality Natural and Organic ingredients, vegan, non-GMO formulations and great performance on skin.

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