Makeup Ingredients and Their Absorption

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Organic Makeup is an effective alternative to chemically-produced cosmetics. Over the next few posts I’d like to tell you about all of its benefits. Let’s start by looking at makeup ingredients and their absorption.

Your skin absorbs certain nutrients while keeping dangerous compounds, to some degree, out of the body. Unfortunately, recent research showed that many personal care products contain harmful chemicals which are absorbed through the skin and can lead to serious health consequences in the long run. My key rule for makeup is pretty straightforward: if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.

On the other hand, organic makeup doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, it uses natural, organic ingredients, such as
  • Cocoa butter. It’s one of the leading natural moisturizers out there, providing essential fatty acids for healthy, youthful skin
  • Nutrient-rich oils that help skin to look smoother
  • Extracts of white tea, grapes, apricots, and pomegranate seeds provide antioxidant protection and inhibit collagenase and elastase, two enzymes that break down the integrity and elasticity of the skin
  • Herbal extracts and other natural components
You can’t go wrong with organic makeup! Your skin and body will thank you for taking good care of them

Stay flawless,
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