Lipstick: On or In?

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Whether you're one of those tinted chap-stick people, or a ruby red lipstick lover, there's something you should know. That stuff you're putting on your lips is going into your mouth. And it could be poison.

Recently chemists, researchers and journalists conducted an active public investigation of the makeup content and nature of its ingredients. Specifically, one study analyzed metal content of 8 popular lipstick and 24 lip gloss brands. It turned out that all of them contained trace amounts of lead, cadmium, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, manganese, chromium, copper and nickel. These are all metals that are known to negatively affect human health.

Many women re-apply lipstick or gloss as often as 24 times a day. And that’s an issue. It's not harmful to be exposed to trace amounts of metals. In fact, our bodies need metals. But repeatedly applying lipstick with metals means that you'll inevitably ingest or absorb more metal than may be healthy. So it's best to limit re-applications to 2-3 times per day.

You might also want to limit certain colors, too. The highest lead reading was found in a deep floral pink lipstick, and the lowest in a neutral lip balm. A European study found that chocolate shades are more loaded with lead, while researchers in Saudi Arabia reported that dark colors averaged 8.99 ppm of lead, compared to .37 ppm in light-colored lipsticks. 

Also, researchers calculated the amount of lipstick that a typical woman eats. It came to around 20 grams of  lipstick per year, or more than 1 kg of ingested lipstick in a lifetime!  So let’s be conscious and smart about what we eat. Let’s put on and in only good, natural, safe and beautiful stuff. For example, our organic lipstick was created not only to enhance your strong features, but also to be safe to eat. It’s organic. And it's sexy.

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