How to keep your skin clean and hydrated

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Today we'll discuss how to keep your facial skin clean and hydrated. First of all, your face reflects your thoughts. The cleaner your mind is, the smoother your skin will be. Second, nothing is as responsible for glowing skin as sufficient water and nutritional balance. Sleep well, eat a minimum of 4 times and drink 4-6 glasses of water per day. Smile regularly!

Wash your face at least twice a day with clean water, filtered if possible. My father used to say that water is the best doctor. It can help to energize and temper or to relax and regenerate. I splash my face with cold water to energize and temper it or gently wash with warm water to relax and recover. At night, I use cleansing White Lotus foam or Charcoal gel to actively remove oxides from the surface and pores of my skin. Every 2 weeks I apply a pore cleansing charcoal mask and nourishing watermelon / seaweed / snails / honey mask.

If you have inspiration - blend cottage cheese, honey and lemon in equal proportions and apply the mix as a face mask to actively feed your skin for 15 minutes. Think about clouds during all this time. Wash with warm water.

And stay in love with everything you do - that always belongs to you and makes you who you are.

Talk to you soon,
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