Application of the foundation

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Today let’s talk about application of the foundation. I start by washing my face with filtered water. Sometimes I use skin of cucumber before applying the foundation. I rarely go for a full face coverage, unless it’s a photo-shoot. Although, after I’ve switched to using organic foundation, I started to apply it more generously as I know it will nourish my skin without inflicting any damage. 

When I was using non-organic foundation, I was applying it only to parts which had uneven coloration and was leaving rest of the face uncovered. It's a good idea not to overload skin with chemicals used in makeup and to leave it open for regeneration. However, this works only if you have the foundation of a perfectly matching tone.

Newest foundations adjust to your skin pigment, reflecting its natural coloration. They are being absorbed by upper skin layers, so if you use a foundation formulated from organic components, it provides natural nourishing oils and proteins. A thin, uniform layer of organic foundation will be a perfect shield not only from unevenness, but from possible sunlight damage and excessively fast oxidation of the skin. 

I tap foundation into skin with light massaging movements, sometimes adding a drop of Japanese Camellia oil which my friend Naoko Kitano brings from Kioto. For spots which are not completely masked by a thin layer of foundation I use concealer, gently blending it in and masking the spots. Then I fix it with an organic powder, gently using a large brush with soft bristles. 

It’s very important to wash anything you have on your skin off before going to bed. No matter what. No matter boyfriend or insomnia. Wash your face gently, adding a drop of cleansing gel or foam. Or use a cotton rolled sponge soaked in argan, olive or other kind of oil that your skin loves. Apply it to your whole face, but don’t let it in your eyes. Wait for it to dissolve the layer of makeup and then gently remove. Wash off with water 💦

Stay flawless,
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