Makeup Ideas From a Pro

Skin sensitivity and makeup

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Why is skin sensitive? In a nutshell - sensitivity is your body’s preventive reaction to excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors. Your pretty face meets them every now and then, loses natural moisture and gets irritated.  You need to make sure that your makeup is not part of thi...

Protect Your Skin from Premature Aging with Organic Makeup

By Victoria Petrovskaya
In this post I'd like to tell you about another benefit of organic makeup: protection from premature aging.Organic makeup is made with natural minerals and oils which help to protect your skin from UV rays in sunlight and to maintain optimal hydration level. Skin on the face is thinner and more s...

Makeup Ingredients and Their Absorption

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Organic Makeup is an effective alternative to chemically-produced cosmetics. Over the next few posts I’d like to tell you about all of its benefits. Let’s start by looking at makeup ingredients and their absorption.Your skin absorbs certain nutrients while keeping dangerous compounds, to some deg...

Lipstick: On or In?

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Whether you're one of those tinted chap-stick people, or a ruby red lipstick lover, there's something you should know. That stuff you're putting on your lips is going into your mouth. And it could be poison.Recently chemists, researchers and journalists conducted an active public investigation of...

Application of the foundation

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Today let’s talk about application of the foundation. I start by washing my face with filtered water. Sometimes I use skin of cucumber before applying the foundation. I rarely go for a full face coverage, unless it’s a photo-shoot. Although, after I’ve switched to using organic foundation, I star...

How to keep your skin clean and hydrated

By Victoria Petrovskaya
Today we'll discuss how to keep your facial skin clean and hydrated. First of all, your face reflects your thoughts. The cleaner your mind is, the smoother your skin will be. Second, nothing is as responsible for glowing skin as sufficient water and nutritional balance. Sleep well, eat a minimum ...
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